Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Novice!

Hey Champs!

This is my first time blogging! Seems Cool! I had been hearing about blogging for many years now and it became practically impossible to stay away, so I surrendered and started.

We are very excited at Whizlabs these days with new found energy, insights and potential. In last 8 years we have never been so focussed to know the people who come on our site, what are they searching for, and amazingly I am finding that each keyword typed says a lot about the person searching, and so much looks possible now that we have started caring about what people really want. We are planning to revamp our Website, Product, Communication etc..etc...even this blogging is part of get connected with our visitors and listen to them....may be say things...So cool times ahead!

Don't forget to encourage me! and that means let me know what Whizlabs can do better...