Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Run Mock Exams Online or Offline on Browser

Whizlabs, one of the oldest Java Certification Exam Preparation company since the year 2000, provides mock tests for Java certification exam preparation.
Recently, about a month ago we launched a new platform of delivering tests to the users. Whizlabs mock test can now be accessed on any Browser (Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8, Safari, Firefox, and Google Chrome) online or offline.

  • This shift is enormous for the user as now the user can
    Access the tests from anywhere no more tied to the machine (which was not the case in the downloadable version)
  • The reports in the test shows comparison with other fellow test takes (shows Ranks, Percentile score)
  • The tests can be taken Online or Offline on the browser, amazing isn’t it.
  • Any content bugs reported can be taken care by the Whizlabs Team immediately
    and many more such conveniences of online.

Overall the whole interactivity of the exam tool offers a complete package that no book can match.

  • Emulating a practice environment
  • Study notes
  • Real exam Tips and Tricks
  • Discussion group to discuss question or exam related doubts

And that’s not all, every week something new is being introduced to enhance user experience. Like this week we are doing away with trial user registrations. So the trial users will no longer have to give any email/phone or any information for that matter to use the trial product.

Sounds good right what do you say? Do share your comments.

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